answer in numerical order using all the english alphabet.

1. do you prefer fuzzy animals or fierce animals?
2. are you a baby when you're sick?
3. what are you allergic to?
4. how many boy/girl friends have you had?
5. how many people have you kissed?
6. how old were you when you got your first kiss?
7. what are your favorite shoes (brand,color,style)?
8. who's your best friend?
9. are you a guy or girl person (pick one, as in friends)?
10. what's a food that you could eat forever?
11. who do you talk on the phone the most with?
12. what's your preferred mode of communication (aim, blog, email, telephone, etc. cant say "in person")
13. who do you think understands you the best (not necessarily know)?
14. how many people do you share your secrets with on a regular basis?
15. do you sometimes take trash talking personally?
16. have you ever purposely inflicted harm (physical, emotional, mental, etc) on a person (stories encouraged)?
17. break down how many percent of the average day that you are happy (not content, happy)?
18. top five damn good looking celebrities (opposite sex)?
19. f(uck) m(arry) or k(ill)?
20. who is someone you've been surprised by? as in learning something about them or having a different impression versus first impression?
21. have you ever actually used "xoxo" or "k.i.t." in letters and if so, when was the last time?
22. how often do you say "i love u" or "i miss u" (non significant other)?
23. do you secretly want to go to a strip club?
24. what's your most preferred method of expression? (singing, dancing, music, writing, talking, etc)?
25. what's a word you learned in the last week?
26. shorts socks, high socks, normal socks, dirty socks, etc? what's your preferred sock?
27. give a percentage of how much an average good friend knows you?
28. what do you feel more an affinity to: movies, music, books?
29. what was the last movie you cried at or came closest to crying at?
30. what ethnicity (other than the one you are) do some people mistake you for?
31. yogurt, ice cream or sorbet?
32. name something sentimental you've kept for no good reason.
33. what was your best birthday experience?
34. if you had 4 kids, what order (sexes) would you want them to come in (no twins)?
35. should people get suvs even if they never use them for suv purposes?
36. how much do you really care about iraq and pay attention to world events?
extra. who is john ashcroft?
extra. should arnold be elected governor of california?
37. would you let a dog come play and lick you if you just saw it licking some random questionable gross thing?
38. what's more important? hand sanitizer, febreze, swiffer, deoderant, iron? (there is only one answer here people, only one so get it right)
39. do you look down on short people?
40. which stores do you visit at a mall?
41. what is something you might spend money on regardless of price?
42. what do you or would you like to collect?
43. how much cajoling would it take for you to go skinny dipping (with other people going too)?
44. what would your mc/dj name be?
45. would you prefer to be the mc, dj, producer, singer, bkgrnd dancer, tech person, fan?
45. what is the most traditionally uncool thing about you?
46. does dirt scare you?
47. what's more comforting? trees, water, sky?
48. do you empathize, understand or nod knowingly (different than knowingly nod)?
49. if you were to going to heaven/hell in a handbag, what brand of bag would you want to go in?
50. what's the expletive, derogatory term you use the most (dork, bitch, stupid, retard, nerd, fokker!)?
51. what's the last thing you got in the mail from someone? (as in letters, gifts, not bills, etc)
52. color contacts? yeah or nay on other people, and you?
53. what's the most physical pain you've ever endured?
54. do you know where the red fern grows?
55. does the name 'grand tetons' just make you laugh and think childish things?

bonus. what's the best way to get over a breakup? go crazy, get angry, get wild, get stupid, ex to the next, rip up pictures, party, bake a cake? (add in your own if you need to)

bonus bonus. what's the length of time that defines a 'long' relationship?

bonus cubed. lemon juice or lemonade?